Saturday, 4 April 2009

VKMA services for African innovation

VKMA is ready to deliver services for African Innovation

§ Management of advisory, training and research teams in Africa
§ Facilitation of vision and knowledge sharing workshops
§ Facilitation of PESTLE and SWOT analysis
§ Facilitation of strategy formulation and business planning
§ Transformation leadership counselling
§ Peace, justice, good governance, arms control, the use of indigenous knowledge and African unity advocacy

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Knowledge Management for Peace and Transformative Growth

The Knowledge Management for Peace and Transformative Growth Model

§ Adopts good practices from the traditional African culture to find creative solutions to contemporary conflict and transformative growth situations.

§ Applies holistic trans-dimensional understanding to renew society:

o political interventions for national reconciliation in a divided society to pursue collective solutions

o indigenous practices to encourage people, including perpetrators, to disclose the truth without fear of prosecution

o management of legal action against perpetrators to apply justice without creating further conflict

§ Advocates the involvement of the whole society, especially the right of every citizen to contribute to solutions on how to deal with social relations and political systems that prevent peace and growth

§ Advocates the long-term protection of disclosing sources where absolution and closure are seen as a vital element of reconciliation.

§ Cooperates closely with leaders, managers, and experts in Collective Knowledge Centers as a link between the normative knowledge foundation and the empirical knowledge claims of the community.

§ Utilizes the synthesis of interpretation of the Collective Knowledge Centers and Community Of Practice to influence vital decisions that would activate intervention and innovation.

§ Advocates the eradication of class-consciousness, racism and impunity through learning intervention on policy level, replacing it with universally accepted positive values such as Ubuntu as an opportunity to renew the world view of society.

§ Build trust, respect and cohesion between African Society and its partners that are involved in or support reconciliation efforts.

§ Identify the need for learning interventions through the establishment of permanent decentralized collective knowledge centers in conflict-affected communities, COP facilitation and the use of ICT for learning purposes.